Professional Rodents Control in Romford and Upminster

Having rodents in your home or place of work is not a pleasant experience. Quite aside from the distress they can cause people who are phobic of such creatures, rats and mice destroy property, ruin food, and spread disease. It is also worth noting that they breed incredibly quickly, particularly if they have nested in a safe, secure part of your property.

Fortunately for our customers across Essex and East London, B & D Pest Control Ltd can help you get rid of them.

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Signs of rodent infestation

While you may not see mice or rats in your home, you can tell that they are there as they leave behind several tell-tale signs that they are sharing your property. These are the most common:

Rodent Control Plan

Rodent removal is not an instantaneous process. Our pest control specialists need to first inspect the property, examine the evidence of infestation and figure out where the animals are nesting. Once we know that, we can plan an appropriate method of removal and prevention, tailored to meet the needs of your property.

Rodent Proofing Your Property

Once we are satisfied that we have eradicated your rodent problem, we need to ensure more of the creatures won’t set up home with you. After all, if the conditions were right for one group to nest in your property, it’s likely ideal for another one to try. We seal up any holes that they might have entered by and make recommendations for you to keep food and food waste out of reach of rodents to make the property less appealing.

Rodent Removal Services

There are several ways to get rid of rodents in the home, including spring traps, poison traps, and live traps. Depending on the extent of your pest problem and your living arrangements, we may recommend one type of trap over another. For instance, we are unlikely to recommend poison bait if you have pets or small children at home. If you are up to it, we can advise the best way to dispose of any deceased or captured rodents, or we can arrange to come back and inspect the traps ourselves.

Rodents Pest Control Company in Romford and Upminster

We have been removing rodents from homes and businesses across East London and Essex since we started trading in 2009. We have our own team of experienced pest control professionals with more than three decades’ experience in the industry between us. We are members of the British Pest Control Agency (BPCA) and recommended on Checkatrade. To see what people think of our service, visit our Reviews page.

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Rodent Pest Control Experts Near You

B & D Pest Control Ltd is based in Romford, putting us in the perfect position to assist our customers across Essex and East London deal with any kind of rodent infestation. We operate over a 10-mile radius around our office, helping domestic and commercial clients as far afield as Barking, Barkingside, Billericay, Brentwood, Chingford, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Ilford, Upminster, Walthamstow, and beyond.

For more information, visit our Areas We Cover page.

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