Effective Mammal Pest Control in Romford and Upminster

While we talk about some of the more common subspecies of invasive mammals elsewhere on our site (namely rodents and foxes), there are other mammalian pests that can cause problems in British properties. For the most part, you are unlikely to experience any kind of mammal infestation in a domestic home. Even if you live in the country, these sorts of creatures are more likely to turn up outdoors.

That’s not to say they can’t be frustrating. We’re talking here about wild rabbits, grey squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, badgers, and the like. While they don’t intend any harm, a large number of them in one place can cause serious damage to a private garden, public park, or commercial field.

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Professional Mammal Pest Control Services

If you have seen evidence of a mammal pest problem on your property, get in touch with B & D Pest Control immediately. We have been helping domestic customers and commercial clients across Essex and East London remove troublesome animals off their land for over a decade now. We always strive to do so in a safe and humane manner.

Mammal Removal Services

With more than 30 years’ in the business between us, our team of pest control experts know how to remove unwanted mammals from your property without hurting them or causing unnecessary distress. We use humane techniques and equipment to trap them wherever they are nesting. We then capture them and transport them somewhere well away from your home, where they can be released into the wild.

Mammal Proofing Your Property

Intrusive mammals, once removed, will likely try to return to your property. For them, it’s a source of food, warmth, and shelter, however much it might inconvenience you. We can help to deter them by filling in any access holes or dens we might find on the premises, and erecting wire barriers to prevent access.

Mammal Pest Control Company in Romford and Upminster

Trading since 2009, we have built ourselves a reputation for the speed and care with which we remove mammal pests from our customers’ properties. We come well-recommended by Checkatrade patrons and are also a member of the British Pest Control Agency (BPCA). Visit our Reviews page to see what former customers think of our service.

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Mammal Pest Control Experts Near You

Our pest control offices are in Romford, from where we travel over a 10-mile radius to assist our customers with their mammal pest problems. This covers much of Essex and East London, including Barking, Barkingside, Billericay, Brentwood, Chingford, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Ilford, Upminster, Walthamstow, and beyond.

For more information, visit our Areas We Cover page.

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For professional mammals control services you can rely on in Romford and Upminster, call B & D Pest Control Ltd today. Contact us or send an email to receive a free, no-obligation quote.