Professional Wasps and Bees Control in Romford and Upminster

 Having a wasps nest or a bees nest on your property – whether domestic or commercial – can be a distressing experience. Nobody wants to run the risk of being stung by these insects, whether or not they have an allergic reaction. Fortunately for residents and business in the Romford and Upminster area, B & D Pest Control Ltd is on hand to resolve the issue.

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Signs of wasp or bee infestation

We tend to think of wasps or bees building nests in secluded corners or in the crooks of tree branches. However, they can also set up home in wall and floor cavities. There are several indications that you may have an infestation. If you spot any of the following signs, you should contact our team of experts immediately.

Expert Pest Controls for Wasps

Unlike bees, wasps do not take kindly to having their home disturbed, so it is difficult to remove the nest without first killing off the insects themselves. We use non-toxic chemical smoke bombs to eliminate any wasps in the vicinity. These targeted “bug bombs” work quickly, killing off all insects within the nest and surrounding area. Then the nest can be removed and disposed of, usually by incineration.

Expert Pest Controls for Bees

Bees play an important role in the local and national ecosystem, so we don’t want to harm them. Fortunately, so long as the nest remains intact, bees tend to be quite docile if it is removed from the immediate surroundings. We take every care to ensure the bees are not disturbed, sometimes employing help from a local beekeeper if the nest is difficult to remove. We move the nest out into the wild, or donate it to a local apiary, where the bees can be transferred to a domestic hive.

Wasp and Bee Proofing Your Property

Once the bees and wasps have been removed, we perform remedial work to ensure they won’t come back and try nesting again. This includes treating the location of the nest to make it less desirable or accessible. We can paint timbers with a long-lasting, non-toxic insecticide, or fill up any hole that provides access points in your walls or floors.

Bees and Wasps Pest Control Company in Romford and Upminster

Since 2009, we have been removing wasps and bees from domestic and commercial properties all over East London and Essex. We have our own team of pest control experts with more than 30 years’ experience under their collective belts and we work closely with local beekeepers to benefit from their unique expertise. We are a member of the British Pest Control Agency (BPCA) and are recommended for our work on Checkatrade. Visit our Reviews page to hear from our former and repeat customers.

Wasps and Bees Pest Control Experts Near You

B & D Pest Control Ltd operates from our Romford, working hard to provide wasps and bees pest control solutions for our East London and Essex clients. We cover a 10-mile radius, taking in properties as far afield as Barking, Barkingside, Billericay, Brentwood, Chingford, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Ilford, Upminster, Walthamstow, and beyond.

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